Active RV Lifestyle

Travel slow. Sit less. Be active.

Helping RVers of all ages actively explore North America's premier outdoor adventure destinations while travelling and camping in their RV's.

What is an active outdoor RV lifestyle?

Walking  I  Hiking  I  Mountain Biking  I  Road Biking  I  Trail Running  I  Backpacking  I  Kayaking  I  Canoeing
An active RV lifestyle focuses on spending the majority of your day being active while camping at spectacular destinations that offer outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, trail running, backpacking, kayaking and canoeing. It's all about driving less and being active in the outdoors every day. It's also about traveling slowly so you can immerse yourself in stunning landscapes to truly experience how beautiful they are. The goal of Explorava is to promote a healthy, active outdoor lifestyle among RV'ers who want to plan active adventures in remarkable places. 

Benefits of an living an active outdoor lifestyle.

Exploring new areas with your partner or friends by walking, hiking, biking or paddling is awesome.
Improve your cardio-vascular fitness, strength and endurance. Sleep better - feel better!
Equipment for many outdoor pursuits such as walking and hiking is affordable.
Environmentally Friendly
Self-propelled activities have zero emissions. Driving less contributes to preserving our planet.

Driving and sitting for long periods of time isn't healthy.

Does this sound familiar?  You spend most of your day driving occasionally stopping for some site seeing. Then you pull into an RV park or campground, set up your lawn chairs, prepare dinner and sit some more. By the end of the day your back, neck and shoulders hurt and you generally feel crappy all over. The side effects of prolonged sitting and inactivity are well researched and documented. We all should be learning by now that sitting for extended periods of time is not good for you and that exercise is important for maintaining a healthy RV lifestyle.

Where you camp makes a big difference.

Not all campgrounds are created equal. You want your campsite to be in a beautiful setting, to be as private as possible, to have some shade, to be equipped with basic amenities such as drinking water and bathrooms. Most importantly you want it to be close to multiple trail heads for hiking and biking so you can maximize being active without having to pack up and move every day. 

Do-it-yourself hiking itineraries.

Plan your next active RV adventure using itineraries that feature the most spectacular hiking trails and best campgrounds.

Zion National Park Hiking Itinerary

A 3 day do-it-yourself hiking itinerary featuring the 3 most spectacular desert canyons and waterfalls.
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Bryce National Park Hiking Itinerary

Coming soon.
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